We (David, James, Chris, Ryan and Martin) had decided to set ourselves a challenge. A challenge of circumnavigating the Isle of Wight (70 miles’ish) in the same small packable inflatable boats we at Xcape Marine Manufacture. The boats we used were three 4.0m Explorers and two 3.65m Pilots

We set off in our boats early in the morning of the 2nd August 2020 from our designated launch site in Shanklin Isle of Wight.

With all our boats being powered by 6 horse power outboard engines, we estimated to return to Shanklin approximately 7-9 hours later…hopefully!

Our challenge was in the aid of Sandown and Shanklin Independent Life Boat which hoped we wouldn’t need the service’s of!

We decided to make all proceeds go directly to Sandown and Shanklin independent Lifeboat, as they really need our help.

As an independent charity they receive no help from the RNLI who regularly benefit from substantial donations.

Sandown and Shanklin independent Lifeboat depend on donations so it can go on saving lives and keeping us and our loved ones safe. They’re a lifeboat crew who provide 24-hour rescue off of the Isle of Wight working tirelessly helping people.

Hope you enjoy the video!