430AM gear



We were born in a late night coffee shop pondering our next trip and thinking about starting this company up and we came across a question that we couldn't answer immediately and that was what commonality do we anglers have?......be it fly or lure, salt or fresh.......we all seem to get up early to start our adventures. Generally up before the sun and the birds....and some times for us on the water before the sun and the birds. It was during this conversation I was asked "aren't you fishing tomorrow?" Which I reply " yup". "What time you on the water" was the next question........."430am" I replied......and we looked at each other and realised that was the name.
Its a number that has become our badge of honour and commitment, to something we love, and we are proud of it.
And this is why we want to share it with you.

So if we cross paths on the waterside or even in an airport on our way to some far fetched adventure let our caps share the message that we revel in those early rises and the chance of landing a fish of a lifetime.